The ARK Oven Accessory requires the ARK STOVE wax burner (sold separately) powered by wax fuel. The ARK OVEN Accessory Cabinet adds a feature for baking and smoking foods. Radiant heat from the oven is a efficent small shelter and Tent Heater. The Ark Oven sides have two integrated channels to receive a Forced Air Heater accessory that will be add to the ARK Stove line-up. High quality 20 gauge Stainless Steel housing construction. MADE IN USA.

ARK OVEN Accessory

  • The ARK OVEN Accessory sits on top of ARK STOVE GB575 (sold separately)

    Oven bakes bread, meats, cassaroles and perfoms like a convection oven. Air circulates throughout oven from the burner base and is expelled through the chimney for uniform baking temperature. Oven temp gauge is on the front. Easy to maintain constant temperature by adjusting the flame and flue. Bakes wonderful bread and cookies!

    Also can be used as smoker for fish and meats. Add hardwood in lower part of oven. Temperature can be set to run at low temperature for smoking and drying foods.


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