The ARK STOVE GB575 portable stove powered by paraffin wax using the new Meltable Fuel Technology. Provides more than 12,000 BTU. Heavy duty rugged and reliable marine grade waterproof switches that are hardwired to avoid sensitive micro electronics. High quality 20 gauge Stainless Steel housing construction. Accepts most standard cookware including stock pot, frying pan, saucepan and wok. ARK OVEN Accessory (sold separately) attaches to the top of this burner base. Storage / transport crate included. MADE IN USA.

ARK STOVE GB575 Burner base with cooktop

  • Kit Includes:

    ARK STOVE Wax burner base with cooktop (pre-loaded with fuel)

    Windbreak (removable)

    10 ft. connector cable 12 VDC

    Metal plate for simmer / low heat Handle for metal plate

    Funnel for fueling stove

    2 - 1.5 LB. bags of wax prills (granulated wax)

    Crate with securing straps for transporting

      10.5" wide X 10.5" depth X 9.5" high
      26.5 cm wide X 26.5 cm depth X 24 cm high
      ARK STOVE wax burner fully fueled  12.6 LB.
      ARK STOVE Kit 20.2 LB.with crate

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