Frequently Asked ARK Stove Questions

Q: How long does the wax fuel last? 

A:  The following are consumption rates using Paraffin wax in the ARK Stove: 

  • 1 lb  = 2 hours (high stove setting) 

  • 1 lb. = 4 hours (medium stove setting)

  • 1 lb. = 6 hours (low stove setting or using ARK Oven Accessory for baking at 350 F)

  • Approximately 20 lbs. per month using 2 - 3 times per day  (cooking/baking/smoking)

Q: What if granular paraffin wax is not available ... only slabs or candles. Is there anything else that will work?


A: Yes of course. Gulf Paraffin Canning wax or Parowax (available at Walmart, Amazon or at your local grocery store) can be used. Also Paraffin wax can be purchased inexpensively in 10lb slabs from candle making suppliers or in candle form (remove wick) . Either one of these can be easily broken apart and used as chunks or fed through a manual or electric meat grinder to make suitably sized wax pieces.

Q: Can regular cookware be used on the ARK Stove and In the Ark Oven?


A: Yes. On the ARK Stove you can use all cookware recommended for stove top cooking, including a wok. Also In the ARK Oven all regular cookware recommended for ovens can be used. 

Q: I saw your Oven accessory baking cookies at Richmond, VA Expo how can I find out more?


A: The Convection Oven / Smoker Accessory  securely attaches to the ARK STOVE and the temperature can be set from 200F to over 500F. The ARK Oven holds consistent temperatures and bakes evenly by convection heat and with Paraffin wax there is no flavor transfer...just good Bread, muffins, cookies and heat! Click on the Gallery Tab for photos.

Q: How much power does the ARK Stove use: 

A: The ARK Stove uses only 15 watts of battery or solar power when in cooking mode and a little more for ignition. For short term use a charged battery of sufficient capacity can provide for many meals. For long term use the ARK Stove is an ideal companion technology when coupled with solar powered systems.

Q: What if my Expedition will be subjected to arctic sub zero temperatures will the ARK Stove perform?


A:  The ARK Stove and accessories were designed with you in mind. In Fact Gasified Meltable Fuel loves low temperatures. Unlike compressed gases and liquid fuel performance that severely degrades in below freezing temperatures paraffin wax gas enjoys an increase of performance.  Also there is no water condensation on cold surfaces like propane does and no soot or odor to deal with like kerosene and oil.     

Q: What if I have another question?

A: To find out more email us at info@gattenergy.com 

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