Everyday ... Discovery, invention and development of meltable fuel technology with a conscience.
"Helping make the world a better place by advancing a safer and more globally accessible energy option"

Raymond M. Gatt 

Founding Member & Chief Technology Officer

Inventor of:   Meltable Fuel Technology

A Passion for safe Thermal Energy 

Humanity requires thermal energy, in one form or another, to survive. “Thermal” relates to heat … and there are many ways to produce heat ... the sun, wind, hydro, nuclear and combustion, are familiar sources to everyone. Through combustion, Meltable Fuel Gasification can provide clean energy to cook or heat on-demand using little or no infrastructure. The benefits to the Eco-system for humanitarian and domestic applications are very exciting!    

The ARK STOVE is the GATT ENERGY proof of concept appliance containing a small GB575 Meltable Fuel Gasification Core (MFG) which produces a clean intense gas flame of over 20,000 BTU. The Patented Meltable Fuel Technology is totally scalable and has unlimited applications. The new technology used by the ARK STOVE creates a clean burning gas flame using safe solid Meltable Fuel. Wax fuel is not combustible until the ARK STOVE converts it into a highly combustible gas for cooking, sterilization, melting snow, boiling water, etc.

The MFG Core can be fueled with Soy wax blends and Synthetic Fischer-Tropsch (FT) Wax. For those of us desiring a sustainable and cleaner future … there can be no better news than using sustainable plant based or synthetic FT Waxes for fuel! Applications for MFG abound, such as production of electricity, transportation and beyond.

We strive each day to reach new horizons and working to make Meltable Fuels, such as wax, the world wide eco-friendly fuel of choice. For those of us that want a better Energy future
MFG makes combustion energy safe, renewable and carbon neutral. What can be better than a safe, non-toxic on demand energy source with MFG already leading the way. 

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