Powerful and Clean

Meltable Fuel Gasification!

Electrical Generator, Furnace, Fireplace, Refrigerator

Air conditioner, Automobile, Airplane, Boats and Ships. 

" This invention is one in a million!  There are many patents that make improvements but real inventions like the Light Bulb and Flight are rare ... and I think this is one of those".

 Leon Eversfield - Special Projects Engineer on Sir Richard Branson's Global Challenger


US Pat 8,268,027 and Foreign Patents Apply

Meltable Fuel Technology is Melatable Fuel Gasification (MFG) using solid wax as a waterproof, non-volatile and non-toxic fuel source. The high energy gas produced by the MFG can be up-scaled to provide 24/7 energy for any vehicle or gas powered appliances. Imagine the many benefits of MFG produced clean energy! Next time you hear someone speak about the hazards of conventional fuels tell them about non-toxic and environmentally safe Meltable Fuel Technology ... then send them here to learn more.


Meltable Fuel is simply safe, non-toxic, gasified high energy wax. Wax fuels can be found in crude oil, synthetically made or processed from plants such as Soy Beans, Rice Bran, Palm to name a few. An increasing amount of wax is synthetically made directly from Natural Gas or Coal using the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process. Paraffin wax is also made from Biomass and other materials by undergoing the FT process. The supply of WGGS grade FT fuel is sustainable and can have a Zero Carbon Footprint. 

 The ARK Stove a MFG Prototype Appliance

Cooking With Wax!
Just The Flame!
Fueling Appliances!


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