New High Energy  - Off The Grid -  Solid Wax Fueled Stove

How does it work? This newly patented technology converts solid fuel into a stream of highly combustible gas. The converted gas is ignited producing a powerful, very hot, clean flame.


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Why own a ARK STOVE?

Safe Solid Wax  Fuel

The ARK STOVE provides portable off-the-grid or on-the-grid hot gas flame from safe solid wax fuel.

Operates For Only Pennies Per Hour!!!

Until recently, wax was not considered a fuel. Raymond Gatt has developed and holds a patent on Meltable Fuel Gas Generation ... for the first time achieving an amazing powerful and very useful flame from solid wax.

GATT ENERGY has developed a system to harness the immense thermal energy of solid wax producing maximum BTU. Wax is an abundant natural resource. 

For best performance and ease of fueling the ARK STOVE, we recommend using quality paraffin wax granules. Wax granules are most convenient, but alternately, a block of wax can be chopped into small pieces sized to fit the fuel port opening. Paraffin wax is widely available in granules, blocks, pastilles, and chips.On a high setting the ARK STOVE uses a nominal 1/2 lb of wax fuel per hr costing pennies to operate. Also the ARK STOVE does not require handling hazardous and offensive odor kerosene,  pumping up of fuel pressure or carrying heavy and annoying gas canisters. Environmentally conscious.

Wax Gasification is a new and safer alternate energy power source for today and the future! 

  • Uses safe non-toxic, non-spillable and non-explosive solid fuel
  • No hazardous fumes
  • Adjustable High Performance gas flame (3,000 to 12,000 BTU)
  • Easy to operate anywhere in hot or cold environments
  • Cooktop provides large stable cooking surface that accepts standard cookware pots, pans, griddle, wok and 6qt stock
  • Provides continuous cooking and can be refueled while in use...It can run for hours
  • Connects to any 12 VDC vehicle battery (car, RV, boat, etc.) or household current with a common adapter. Unit draws small amount of power
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1 year warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Can be stored anywhere ... even with food
  • Solid fuel stores indefinitely
  • Stable ... does not evaporate
  • Does not leak or contaminate surfaces or substances
  • Non-explosive
  • Easily transported in boxes or bags ... no special containers required
  • Stove fuel is not restricted for airline travel
  • Non-toxic 
  • Easily sourced nationwide at reasonable cost .

The Ultimate SURVIVAL Appliance!

Portable - No Smoke - No Odor



Emergency Preparedness

Off-the-Grid Living

Cottage & Cabins

Fishing and Hunting Camps

Fly-In Camps

Recreation / RV / Camping / Tailgating

Survival Shelters

Remote Construction 

Workforce Camps
Mining / Lumbering Camps
Exploration / Research Camps
Humanitarian / Medical Aid


Who can use this?

A versatile and rugged thermal system perfect for deployment to the Arctic, Desert and Tropics or everyday use. Comes in an easy to transport "Grab and Go" rugged crate that can be secured and transported on the ground, by air or boat. The ARK STOVE is always ready to use in transit and at the final destination. Built robust and with switches instead of micro electronics that are delicate and vulnerable to EMP and harsh environments. The ARK STOVE is skillfully designed to use a small amount of 12 VDC power eliminating the need for heavy compressed gas containers and hazardous pump-up liquid fuels. Following major disasters and during times of war 12 VDC power is often the only source of renewable electricity available.The ARK STOVE can be connected to any 12 VDC power source including ... vehicle batteries, solar electrical systems or small portable electric generator ... the possibilities are many.  For instance a Battery charged by a solar panel will provide ample long term Off-The-Grid 12 VDC power for the ARK STOVE. When coupled with a store of inexpensive solid fuel the ARK STOVE system can provide for intensive daily cooking, heat and potable water for a small group. When considering long term thermal solutions for when factory fuels are unobtainable it's good to know that the ARK STOVE is also capable of burning locally made plant based fuels such as from Soy and Palm to name a few.  Don't miss our Gallery tab for exciting pictures and movie clips.    .