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ARK  Stove

The portable ARK Stove provides an off-the-grid hot gas flame


“As an exploration Geologist, I find the ARK STOVE to be the perfect solution for cooking and heating in exploration camps. These camps typically are very remote and the cost for transporting and storing hazardous liquid and gas hydrocarbon fuels is a significant part of the overall budget. The paraffin wax used in the ARK STOVE is a stable and environmentally safe alternative that can be shipped, stored and used without worrying about the potential explosion and contamination concerns that accompany traditional fuels. This innovative stove and its novel, inexpensive fuel is the perfect solution for any who are working or living off the grid.”

John P.   Ph.D.

“The Missing Link has been found for prepping. I will buy 2 of them! One for my bug out location … and one in case I cannot get to it This unit provides, cooking, water distillation, oven, heat, smoker for preserving foods and a fuel that I can store indefinitely; and not a hazard like propane or gas. No wood smoke to attract interest in your location.  I was loaned (by Ray the inventor) a unit to try in my condo.  I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner on it.  Excellent!  Indoor smell… slight candle odor lasting a few minutes, no odor when in use. It took me a few minutes from putting on my counter to heating.  Directions are excellent, the stainless unit, switches and knobs are top quality.  This is a highly useful unit that will make sure you have a piece of equipment meant to last for many years. Your family is worth the investment! I am a 72-year-old female, still teaching “canning” -- Prepping since the late 80’s.“

Ginny C

Our Wax Gasification technology is a new and safer alternate energy power source for today and the future.

Powerful Solid Wax Fueled Stove!


Powerful Gas Flame

Safe Solid Wax  Fuel

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This newly patented technology converts solid wax into a stream of highly combustible gas producing a powerful, very hot, clean flame.

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ARK Stove GB575